Foxtail Valley

Our primary setting. A confined territory built near a coastal desert a couple of years after the global pandemic. Even though it is an advanced green town with many virtues located in a self-sustained valley, it is mostly known to others as the town that prohibits the internet. Nonetheless, even after 39 years, it is still a place where people of all walks of life aspire to live in. More than 30,000 applications per year are submitted for admission. Most of them want to start a new life as an escape from all the corruption, pollution, and to find peace away from all the overpowering technology found in the Otherworld. 

Black sands shore

The only existent beach in Foxtail Valley permanently shot down from the public by the town's mayor. Many claim the forbidden landmark to be haunted as anyone who has broken in has mysteriously disappeared. All vanished, except for the Ill Shadows. 


Is referred to the rest of the Earth. Even now in 2059, it has become a place where technology and artificial intelligence has been used to a dangerous extent to distance society and take over the economy. Privacy and liberty of speech is now a thing of the past. 

Mail port

Now a demolished port located in the middle of Black Sands Shore, where all mail coming from the Otherworld was delivered. Up until 2059, it was the only form of communication with the Otherworld.


A tower situated on the mountaintop far away from town. It is the powerhouse that supplies the town with the internet signal only used by the mayor and all the other authorized personnel. 

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