GlosSary of Terms

Ill Shadows

A name used by Foxtail Valley citizens when refering to the only survivors of Black Sands Shore: a group of four teenagers who intruded the forbidden beach and mysteriously made it out alive. A historic event that forever changed the face of the town. 


A teenager who has been convicted to dorm arrest but is yet to be wired. 


The procedure required to officially become a Whisker. It is a process in which a serum is injected into their ankle.

One cannot be classified as a Whisker until enduring such a painful procedure. 


Term used to identify the delinquent students already wired and confined in dorm arrest at the Whisker Penitentiary of Foxtail Valley College. Only students guilty of minor crimes have the privilege of enrolling in the Institution and take classes while they serve their sentence.

All adult criminals are deported to the Outland.

Dorm Arrest

The punishement in which a Whisker is incarcerated in a dorm on campus instead of a jail cell. 


When a Whisker is classified as dangerous, savage, or fail to abide by the penitentiary rules they are classified as Reds. The title requires them to wear a red uniform instead of the usual green attire. They also face a limitation to their privileges. Once ranked as a red, a Whisker becomes prone to the Three-Strike Rule: A strike is withdrawn each time they fail to abide by the rules. When the Red has met all three strikes, they are immediately sentenced to eviction.

In the other hand, if they abide by the rules, and manage to keep a good behavior, they can win their green rank back.


Regs for short. They are the guards who watch over the safety of the Whisker Penitentary. 

Night Chaperone

The watchmen who guard the streets of the town during its curfew. 

The Force

The official name for the Foxtail Valley authorities. 

Mark in Wiring

Getting a mark in your wiring consists of having a dibutyl phthalate serum injected into your bloodstream which allows the body to glow in a fluorescent green light while in the dark. This would simplify the job of either a regulator or night chaperone when searching for a Whisker on the loose during the night. Such a procedure is required only when a Whisker has attempted an escape from the confinement. It is extremely dangerous and can lead to many adverse reactions. A punishment well deserved. 


A series of autonomous disc shaped androids with sensors able to detect and retrieve foreign objects being hidden inside the penitentiary tower. This includes weapons or any kind of metals. It's capable of scanning everything in its way. 

If any weapon or metal object is detected by it, a laser is fired vanishing the object at once. 


When a person is tempted by a demon or a spirit, they hover over them waiting for the human to grant them entry into their body. Therefore possesing it. 


Name for a corpse being inhabited by a demon or spirit allowing them to live through it to complete an unfinished business or to seek revenge. 


Term used to refer to a person who was born and raised in Foxtail Valley. 


Term used to refer to someone who was born in the Outland, but now resides in Foxtail Valley. 


(This is a real term.) Individuals who move to the dry desert for the winter and return for more mild climates in the spring.